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planète sauvage

Samstag, Januar 30th, 2010

Freitag, Januar 29th, 2010

Magnetosphere, revisited

Donnerstag, Januar 14th, 2010

Die Konferenz der Tiere

Montag, Januar 11th, 2010

Cartoonbrew hat den Trailer für eine neue CGI-Adaption von Erich Kästners Kinderbuchklassiker aus dem Jahr 1947 aufgetan.

“The book was previously adapted into an animated feature in 1969. A clip from that earlier film can be viewed on YouTube. Which version would you rather watch?”

Ja, welches würdet ihr lieber sehen? Ich jedenfalls die Version von 1969…

very special report

Dienstag, Oktober 27th, 2009


Time Out’s 50 greatest animated films

Dienstag, Oktober 6th, 2009


In celebration of the release of both Pixar’s ‘Up’ and Wes Anderson’s beautiful stop-motion rendering of Roald Dahl’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, Time Out ushers in the help of master animator Terry Gilliam – whose own partially animated ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ opens in cinemas this month – to run down 50 of the greatest animated features of all time

Time Out’s 50 greatest animated films.
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