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Erde und Mond

Sonntag, Juni 20th, 2010


Wie viele Planeten gibt es in unserer Galaxie?

Freitag, Juni 18th, 2010

Hochrechnungen der Kepler-Mission sagen: Mindestens 1,4 Milliarden!

They have found, definitely, 306 new extra-solar planets, including 5 systems with multiple planets. Unlike previous searches, most of the planets that Kepler found are Neptune-sized (the smallest gas giant in our Solar System) or smaller!

That’s very, very promising! But they’ve left us with the ultimate teaser: they are withholding data — for a year — on 400 particularly juicy candidates!

What did they find? Are they Earth-sized planets? Are they planets in the habitable zones around their stars? Are they “just barely” detections, and they want to get some more data?

If we assume that each one is a planet, that brings us to 706 planets around 100,000 stars. Since our galaxy has around 200 billion stars, we can figure out that there ought to be — wait for it — at least 1.4 billion planets in our galaxy!

And that, mind you, is a lower limit, as this only will see planets orbiting edge-on to their stars! But it’s the biggest lower limit we’ve ever been able to set, and you’re among the first to know!

Katalog der bisher bekannten Exoplaneten.

Mars Express Video: Ein Orbit um den Mars

Mittwoch, Juni 2nd, 2010

Astronaut-eye view of Mars from orbit: A unique video tour of the Red Planet

The Mars Express VMC team here at ESOC are delighted to publish today’s special treat: a movie carefully compiled from 600 VMC images snapped during a single, complete 7-hour orbit on 27 May 2010. This video shows what future astronauts would likely see from their cockpit window: Mars turning below them as they sweep in orbit around the Red Planet, our beautiful planetary neighbour!


The Big Picture: Checking in on Saturn

Freitag, Mai 28th, 2010

While we humans carry on with our daily lives down here on Earth, perhaps stuck in traffic or reading blogs, or just enjoying a Springtime stroll, a school-bus-sized spacecraft called Cassini continues to gather data and images for us – 1.4 billion kilometers (870 million miles) away.

Donnerstag, April 29th, 2010

2010 AL30

Samstag, April 10th, 2010

APOD: Waterway to Orbit

Sonntag, Februar 14th, 2010

experience the planets

Freitag, Februar 12th, 2010

our solar system through the eyes of artists” (im Aufbau)

Sonntag, Februar 7th, 2010

via synapsensuppe

Donnerstag, Januar 28th, 2010