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Margaret Atwood: Warum wir Science Fiction brauchen

Mittwoch, März 10th, 2010

Die feministische Autorin Margaret Atwood, Verfasserin der Science Fiction Bücher Der Report der Magd und Oryx und Krake mit einem kurzen aber lesenswerten Essay im Guardian: ‘Aliens have taken the place of angels

More than one commentator has mentioned that science fiction as a form is where theological narrative went after Paradise Lost, and this is undoubtedly true. Supernatural creatures with wings, and burning bushes that speak, are unlikely to be encountered in a novel about stockbrokers, unless the stockbrokers have been taking a few mind-altering substances, but they are not out of place on Planet X. The form is often used as a way of acting out the consequences of a theological doctrine. The theological resonances in films such as Star Wars are more than obvious. Extraterrestrials have taken the place of angels, demons, fairies and saints, though it must be said that this last group is now making a comeback.

El paraíso perdido

Mittwoch, Februar 17th, 2010

Gustave Doré – Paradise Lost