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Mittwoch, August 18th, 2010

Photographs by Allison Davies; via Wired: Sci-Fi Vistas Milked From Boring Old Earth


Mittwoch, August 18th, 2010

on vimeo by Bernard Gigounon; via

Altered States

Freitag, Juni 18th, 2010


Simplicissimus, 1900

Samstag, Juni 12th, 2010

Spimplicissimus: “Der Europäer gießt die Segnungen seiner Kultur über den Erdball aus”

Die Kinder des Herrn Major spielen Chinakrieg und verbreiten preußische Kultur in der Sommerfrische”

Nein, nein, nein, mein Vaterland müß größer sein!”

war games

Samstag, Juni 12th, 2010


Chesley Bonestell: The Conquest of Space

Samstag, Juni 12th, 2010

|Golden Age Comic Book Stories; via|

Rainbow Vomiting Pandas: The Escape

Samstag, Juni 12th, 2010

They were found out. The secret hiding place of the pandas was discovered, and they would soon be overrun. Unable to move, distant attackers hacked their systems from a thousand directions at once. Ling Ling looked at Hsing Hsing, and nodded. Hsing Hsing rolled and stretched, pushing through the suffocating badges and awards, and pulled the emergency cord.

The ancient pneumatic tube hissed to life. It sputtered and rattled, and with a sudden burst of dust and air, spit out the Engineer. He coughed and wheezed, wiped the dust from his goggles, and set to work.


Gonjasufi – Duet

Montag, Juni 7th, 2010


A video for the track Duet by Gonjasufi.
Clips taken from BBC invisible worlds

van gogh sky

Sonntag, Juni 6th, 2010

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Freitag, Juni 4th, 2010



Freitag, Juni 4th, 2010

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Freitag, Juni 4th, 2010

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Illustrationen von Dave Johnson

Donnerstag, Juni 3rd, 2010

Devilpig’s Deviantart; via

bol (director’s cut)

Dienstag, Juni 1st, 2010

Ein wirklich toll gemachter kleiner Comic von aencre.

|via sandgestein, blogsport_de|

Frank Frazetta (February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010)

Freitag, Mai 28th, 2010


Earlier this month the we sadly lost one of the foremost and talented Fantasy & Sci-Fi Illustrator/Artists of all time, America’s Frank Frazetta who passed away on the 10th of May aged 82. Franks career spanned an almost unbelievable 60+ year’s when he started working in the comic book industry aged just 15, initially providing pencil clean-ups he soon progressed to drawing comics an by the 50’s was producing work spanning a raft of genres including Western, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical Drama.