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Queering Science Fiction & Fantasy

Samstag, Juni 19th, 2010

Ein guter Artikel von Brit Mandelo über Homophobie/Heterosexistismus in der spekulativen Literatur auf, mit einer Anleitung für heterosexuelle Autoren wie queere Sexszenen geschrieben werden können:
Writing Sex—To Do, or Not to Do?

The foremost concern, that an explicit queer sex scene will automatically make certain readers not buy your book, has an unfortunately strong basis. Discussion of one of the examples I use frequently, Richard K. Morgan’s The Steel Remains, is a case in point: many reviewers and commentators, as well as commenters here, expressed the sentiment that they would not ever pick up the book because they didn’t want to see the gay sex in it.

I hate this argument to not read a book, unless the reader chooses to never read a book with sexual content at all ever. I think it’s generous to say that 90% of speculative fiction is about straight characters, many of whom have sex with other straight characters in varying degrees of explicitness.

And you know what? Queer people read those books, and most aren’t particularly excited by those straight sex scenes—but if they’re in a good book, what’s the problem? It’s part of the characters and their relationships. The point of sex in speculative fiction is not solely to be an erotic experience for the reader. If the entire turning point of a reader picking up a book is how titillating they personally find the sex in it, I suspect they should be reading erotica, not speculative fiction. If a queer person reads straight sex in a good book, why won’t a straight person read queer sex in a good book?

The excuse that a book isn’t worth reading solely because it contains queer sex is homophobic. Cushion it however one may, it is. The fear and disgust that motivates a reader to avoid a book about a queer character has a definitive root, and it isn’t prudishness.

Boy Meets Boy

Samstag, Februar 13th, 2010

Eine kurze Liebesgeschichte aus Korea. (Mit Musical-Einlage!)

The film is about Min-Soo (played by Kim Hye Seong) who gets his camera stolen from Suk-Yee (played by Hyun-Jin), they later accidentally meet again on a bus, which then sparks their love.

Wen interessiert der Tod eines schwulen Superhelden überhaupt?

Sonntag, Januar 17th, 2010

Perry Moore, Autor eines Young Adult-Romans über einen schwulen Superhelden, Hero (der übrigens gerade als Fernseh-Serie adaptiert wird), hat eine Geschichte der Schwulen (und Lesben) in Comic-Büchern verfasst.

Who cares about the death of a gay superhero anyway? A history of gays in comicbooks

The following list is a (…) catalogue of the treatment of gays in the medium. The goal is to facilitate discussion and awareness, that fans expect and deserve better treatment of lesbian, gay, and transgendered characters. (…)  Things are beginning to change, but for every step forward – and there are some very good ones — the comic book world has taken some giant leaps back. Most gay characters, even in their small numbers, still remain primarily as villains, minor characters, and victims who are tortured, maimed and killed. Is this a fair representation of LGBT characters in the medium? That is left for you to decide. Yes, bad things do happen to all people, gay people included. But are there positive representations of gay characters to counterbalance these negative ones? Who cares about the death of a gay superhero anyway?


Hier sind ein paar schöne Auszüge aus den Katalog:

Sadistic supervillains and gay lovers. One is a talking gorilla and the other is a disembodied brain in a jar. They’ve been searching to create a new body for the Brain so he and Monsieur Mallah may consummate their love. Last appeared in DC’s Teen Titans, aimed at teens. No gay heroes in the book, just these gay villains.

Lesbian member of DC’s superheroes Justice League International. Murdered. Last seen by her teammates in Hell.

Sidekick to Batman-like hero Red Hawk in “Powers” superhero group “The Unity.” Admitted his crush to his mentor and was severely beaten by him, arm broken, and hospitalized. Given a check for 750K and forced to sign a confidentiality agreement to leave the group in dishonor following the incident.

First openly gay member of Marvel’s X-Force/X-Statix. Killed on his first mission.

Gay magician member of superteam New Guardians. His name means “The Strange One.” Embodied numerous, offensive gay stereotypes. Attacked by an “AIDS vampire.” Forgotten after series was cancelled.

Former hero of DC’s Infinity Incorporated. De-powered, corrupted by his sexual strife, manipulated by dark forces, tries to destroy the world. His homosexuality is attributed to being molested by his adopted father. Recently placed as the security guard on the all-straight Justice Society of America, but not allowed to sit at the table as a member of the team.

Und so weiter und so fort. Müsst ihr nicht alle lesen, aber scrollt auf jeden Fall nach unten für “The Story In Numbers”

Ages 4-10The age-correlated sizes in which Wolverine Deluxe Child Costume is available for children for Halloween. Available with muscle torso, jumpsuit, boots, mask, and pair of claws. Northstar costume not available for impaling.

ZERO. Number of straight X-Men that the most popular X-Man, Wolverine, has killed.

ONE. Number of gay X-Men that the most popular X-Man, Wolverine, has killed.

Via Hal Duncan’s Notes From The Geek Show. Hal verweist bei seinem Post noch auf eine amüsante Antwort des Autoren auf den homophoben Comic-Autoren Rob Liefield, der sich strengstens dagegen verwahrt hat seine Figuren Rictor und Shatterstar zu “homosexualisieren”: Who wants to see me kick Rob Liefield’s ass?