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van gogh sky

Sonntag, Juni 6th, 2010

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Sonntag, Februar 7th, 2010

(aus: photographs of dali von philip halsman)

Jeremy Geddes

Samstag, Januar 30th, 2010

Roger Dean

Samstag, Januar 30th, 2010

Roger Dean (born 31 August 1944), is an English artist, designer, architect and publisher, best known for his work on album covers for musicians (particularly Progressive Rock acts). His unique, instantly recognisable style
often features exotic, fantastic landscapes typically populated with dramatic, impossible natural rock formations, lush alien wildlife/fauna, and strange organic structures…

With the release of James Cameron’s technically groundbreaking blockbuster “Avatar” Roger’s currently enjoying a surge of interest in his work, as it’s obivious Avatars design team have borrowed many viusal cues… to be fair though, It’s pretty much inconceivable to think of fantasy and sci-fi art without thinking of Roger Dean.