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Red Planets: Marxism and Science Fiction

Freitag, Oktober 16th, 2009

Bildschirmfoto 2009-10-16 um 15.50.01 Das kommt auf meine Amazon-Wunschliste: Strange Horizons mit einem Review des von China Mieville mit herausgegebenen Sammelbandes Red Planets: Marxism and Science Fiction

“The relationship between science fiction and the Left can be said, depending on your chosen definition, to go back to the roots of the genre itself. Many of SF’s most popular and respected authors have been polemicists or commentators who used their works of fiction as a means of critiquing the existing socio-economic system and suggesting potential alternatives to it. Serious critical engagement with SF has also tended to come from the left of the political spectrum: SF studies, as an academic sub-discipline, emerged from within the New Left cultural criticism of the 1960s, and the most influential of SF critics, Darko Suvin, worked within an explicitly Marxist framework. Therefore Red Planets, a new collection of academic essays written from the perspective of Marxist literary theory, is contributing to a rich and well-established tradition.”